stylish life magazine shares with you inspiring and beautiful ways to enjoy a stylish life!


Stylish Life Magazine is for busy women who love their homes, gardens, family and entertaining friends. 

Our content is supported by an active and consistent social media platform with each post growing the Stylish Life Magazine audience. 

Stylish Life Magazine provides relevant, achievable ideas and inspiration from experts.

Our editorial pillars: 

  • Interior design and decor
  • Entertaining at home in style
  • Gardening – the homes outdoor space
  • Lifestyle 



We provide the platform and expert advice enabling our audience to achieve the look they want.

Our articles are video content driven, providing tips and advice on buying, renovating, styling, decorating and entertaining at home.



We highlight independent businesses to help readers achieve their in-home dream look. 

Independent businesses have their own character and expertise, which means our readers can develop their own style, sourced from local businesses. 



Stylish Life Magazine is published four times a year. It’s online with sumptuous imagery, quality video content that provides high engagement and stories from amazing people who love what they do.


Our audience is women aged 30 – 65+ years, they are busy, they may be working,  they’re probably chasing their children’s schedules, driven to improving home, active in the school community, balancing household budgets, love their family and are loyal friends. They love their community, entertaining and proudly showing off their home. 


  • Female
  • Aged 35 – 65+
  • Lives in Sydney
  • Home-owner
  • Has moved withing the past 5 years or is considering moving
  • Possibly downsizing
  • Well educated
  • Astute
  • Affluent


Our goal it connect your story with our audience.  We can offer a range of ways to produce your story. These are detailed below. We can adapt and mix up packages to suit your objective, budget and existing content at hand. Our extensive briefing process ensure no details are missed.

Our goal it connect your story with our audience.  We can offer a range of ways to produce your story. For customers looking to reach deeply with our audience, our Platinum package is a tremendous opportunity. The platinum package provides all the assets provided with the other packages.



Article supplied by the business owner

Customer supplies 20+ high res images for the magazine 

SLM prepares the layout and article runs over 10 pages

Article to include links, full page brand advertising and contact details

Youtube style vignette compiled for use on social media

Content is amplified via social media posts from SLM team

Final layout is available for customer to use in all sopical and marketing communications


Half day photo shoot on location by SLM team

Customer completes Q&A and story is prepared by SLM team 

SLM prepares the layout and article runs over minimum 14+ pages

All other inclusions from Bronze.

Additional benefit is 40+images supplied to customer for use in own marketing & social media channels 

Timed social media calendar provided to ensure maximum exposure to online audience



Half Day video shoot on location by SLM team

Producing 3-5 videos

Total up to 7 mins video

Video’s supplied to customer produced for variety of platforms – Youtube, Insta TV, Facebook, website 

All other inclusions from Bronze and Silver packages

Article written by SLM team’s copywriter

Director provides script outline after initial consultation 



A full day video shoot on site under direction from SLM video producer

Multiple crews shooting video to ensure no details are missed, including lights and sound engineer

A full script provided prior to the video shoot

Hair and makeup provided on the day to ensure you look your best

A SLM stylist on shoot to ensure products shine

Article written by SLM team running over 20 pages in SLM magazine

Video editing and full production of 6 – 8 videos totaling 15 mins in length (in total)

Video’s edited for other formats – IGTV, Youtube, Facebook 

Drip email and social schedules provided to ensure maximum exposure 

 This package can be tweaked to suit your marketing objectives. It can also be run over multiple issues to ensure penetration into the SLM audience. 


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If you are in interested in being video’d in your studio and regularly sell your art in the $1-5k range, we’d love to hear from you. 

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