Our goal is to make it easier for you to find and buy original artworks for your home.

+ At an affordable price

+ Supporting local artists

+ Helping you visualise them by styling the works

It’s really important that you see original works in person, as they really have so much more depth, texture and liveliness when seen in person.

We have two services that we offer to help you find art for your home:

+ We can digitally show you how the work might look like on your wall (just send us a picture of your wall, straight on, and we’ll photoshop it in)!

+ If you’re in Sydney and would like to see the works in person, we can arrange it!

Please get in touch via email or Insta messenger. 

Email: stylishlife @ (without the spaces)

inspiration ...

With thanks to Style My Home, Berry Jam Sweet Living and Road Less Taken for styling our artworks